Hammer and sickle monument to be dismantled on Marsove Pole in Lviv

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After all approvals are received, the dismantling issue will be considered by the executive committee of Lviv city council.
Photo: Society of the Future Lviv

Photo: Society of the Future Lviv

Not far from the city centre in Lviv, one can find a Soviet star with a hammer and sickle. It’s still located at the military memorial Marsove Pole («Field of Mars») on the Mechnikova street, 7, though six years passed after the decommunization laws were implemented. Recently, the Department of Historic Environment Protection together with Lychakiv Cemetery already started preparing a claim to dismantle this monument, which must yet be submitted for consideration by the Executive Committee of the Lviv City Council, the press service of the City Hall told Tvoemisto.tv.

The city administration of the historical environment was adressed by the public organization «Society of the Future Lviv» with a request to dismantle the Soviet star on Marsove Pole.

«To dismantle it, you need permits, information from various services that the star is subject to decommunization. After that, the Department of Historic Environment Protection together with Lychakiv Cemetery plans to submit this issue to the executive committee, where they will decide its fate», – the press service stated.

At this time, it’s unknown when this will happen. As of now, the issue hasn’t yet been submitted to the executive committee.

What is the real situ​​ation with decommunization in Ukraine?

Decommunization laws in Ukraine were enacted after the Revolution of Dignity by President Petro Poroshenko on May, 15 2015. Since that time, the Communist party was banned, the processes of renaming administrative units and streets began, as well as the removal of monuments representing the Soviet ideology. «Leninopad» – «the fall of Lenin [statues]» – was a particularly popular part of it. According to Volodymyr Viatrovych, a politician who was a co-author of the laws, these processes of removal of symbols were successfully carried out in 80 percent of the regions and 95 percent of Kyiv.

Olha Shveda

Translated by Vitalii Holich

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